November 5, 2014

Is this thing on?

Soooo... My husband and I have a daughter. A tiny, perfect girl named Lucy who was due October 20th but came early- very early- on July 11th. She was born at 25 weeks' gestation. She's been in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) this whole time and will likely be here another couple of months. She weighed just 1 pound, 3 ounces. She's doing really well right now. We're incredibly blessed. I'd like to share a picture of her but since this is a public blog, I won't. I will tell you she is absolutely beautiful with dark hair and eyes that are starting to look deep blue. We waited many years for her to join our family and though I had an incredibly difficult pregnancy, she was 100% worth it.

I've missed taking pictures and look forward to the Christmas season when I can hopefully get some nice shots. I can't wait to bring our daughter home. She is the most wonderful thing we've ever accomplished. We're so blessed.

May 1, 2014

My precioussss

At long last I have replaced my DSLR! Unfortunately, I'm currently suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum because- surprise!- I'm 15 weeks pregnant! It took many years for this baby to make its way to us and we feel truly blessed.

As soon as I'm feeling better, I'll be out taking pictures. Stay tuned!

December 22, 2013

I miss my DSLR!

It broke it June and was no longer under warranty. I've been saving up for a new one. I'm hoping to get it in January for my birthday, so I will be back with new photos shortly! :)

June 3, 2013

Zuri and Mama

The weather in Utah is heating right up this week! It was a toasty day, but with a pleasant breeze, on Saturday. We popped up to the Hogle Zoo to see the Lego displays they've got right now. Baby Zuri and her mama were having a snack and it was the sweetest little scene. I just love watching animals interact, especially a mom and her little one(s).


May 25, 2013

Hello, hello!

Blogging has been the last thing I've wanted to do lately, and even photography has fallen down the list. I have so much going on mentally, emotionally and physically... But today my husband and I drove up Provo Canyon and even though I've been there a million times, in all four seasons, today I saw it with different eyes. I was inspired and humbled. We have a wonderful Father who loves us and has provided us with our beautiful earth.








March 27, 2013

Spring afternoon in Arizona

I've missed taking pictures! I've been mourning the miscarriage, and just been feeling overall sad and tired. However, we were just able to take a quick weekend trip to Vegas and had a wonderful time. We saw my grandparents (Vegas is a halfway point for us to meet up), had a few really delicious meals and did some shopping. The drives each way were quick and safe. It really cheered us up!

These were taken in the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona on the way home. It was a beautiful afternoon!







February 18, 2013

Relaxing on a Wednesday evening

This is just a quick picture I took on Instagram. My husband and I were both relaxing on the couch the other night, on our laptops, and I had to take a photo. We're both total geeks. :) I love him and I love the time we have together in the evenings. It makes all the day's worries melt away.

Thank you so much to those who left comments on my post about our miscarriage. Your kind words are so appreciated. We are truly blessed with so much support during this difficult time.


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