November 18, 2009

Some more Disneyland photos- mostly nighttime

The new dragon during Fantasmic! The mist made a clear shot difficult. (We were sitting right behind one of the misters.)

Mickey conquers evil during Fantasmic!

Inside Haunted Mansion Holiday, in the "stretching room."

Pirates of the Caribbean from the Blue Bayou restaurant. If you've been there, you know how dark the ride and restaurant are. I turned my ISO up quite high to pull this one off!

Fireworks above Big Thunder Mountain as seen from the Rivers of America.

The moon above Big Thunder Mountain.

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englandmom14 said...

okay, so i totally hate you now. You have MY dream camera and the opportunity to take photos i wish i could. you are, officially, a booger b**ch! especially the one of pirates, it is so way good! you are incredible and i think i'll start sketching my memories instead of photographing them. that, at least, is one of the few things (along with sewing and cooking) that i can do BETTER than YOU! otherwise, you suck because you are so way better than me. i guess that is what we want for our kids though, huh? to have and do better than us, right? go get 'em girlie! love mama!