April 11, 2010

My locket

This is my mom's locket. She was given it on her 17th birthday, over 30 years ago. She gave it to me when I turned 16 (thanks for not making me wait until I was 17, Mom! :) ). I wore it when I first got it, but then stopped wearing it for a while. The last several years, however, I've worn it every day. It's real silver and today I polished it, so I wanted to take some pictures. Isn't it beautiful?



englandmom14 said...

i was actually 16 too. that is why i didn't make you wait. it was the summer i turned 17 but was still 16. it is still beautiful and very special to me. glad you love it! mama

Alisha said...

Oh, I guess I didn't know that! :) It is very special to me, too. Love you soooooo!