December 5, 2010

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

This was my in-laws' Christmas present to us. Bought in Germany in August. We're in love.






melissa said...

Somewhere hiding in a box I have my mom's old cuckoo clock that she bought in the Black Forest during her trip to Germany in the late 60's. My folks were going to get rid of it during one of their moves a few years ago, so I laid claim to it, although I have never put it up for fear of what havoc my children of the corn may wreak on it. Because it was always up on the wall when I was growing up, though, I am still in love with cuckoo clocks to this day.

englandmom14 said...

when did you get this? it is so cute. it looks like you and adam, lol. can't wait to see you