December 22, 2010

A poem

This isn't photography related, but I wanted to share my mom's beautiful Christmas poem. Enjoy!

-The Christmas Visitor-

The lights are glowing softly on our decorated tree

My eyes behold a vision I know I shouldn’t see

Kneeling by the fireplace is Santa bent in prayer

I know he doesn’t see me or know that I am there

he’s praying by the Christ Child who's snuggled in His bed

it gives a new perspective to the jolly man in red

I’ve always known the magic that Santa has is real

Believing is so easy when it’s something that you feel

But I also know my Saviour and believe He’s always near

I didn’t know that Santa did but now his words I hear

"Dear Jesus if you’re listening I have some words to say

I’m grateful for Your presence here, today and every day

I know that long ago one night there was a virgin birth

As angels sang in Heaven and snow fell on the earth

People came from far and near to see You as You slept

They knew You were the King of Kings, in joy they knelt and wept

I also know You’re here today I see Your love and grace

When I see the joy and rapture in an upturned child’s face

I have requests from many, not for the self you see

They ask for gifts for others and request each one from me

Some presents, well, they’re easy but some I cannot do

And that is when, dear Saviour, I kneel and turn to You

I know that in Your loving arms You hold each child close

And that You’ll see their dreams come true, the gifts they want the most

For deep inside the heart we all want faith and hope and love

And those are gifts that come from You from Heaven up above

Well I must go and carry on, the night is long you see

But I know I won’t be alone, You’ll always be with me

Thank you Lord for listening to this old Santa’s heart

I’m glad You gave this job to me and glad I play a part

In making Christmas dreams come true to all who still believe

I close this now and say Amen for now I have to leave"

And then the big old softy, just disappeared from sight

But I will not forget the scene I witnessed here tonight

I head for bed and close my eyes and thank the Lord above

For giving me my greatest gift, eternal life and love

-Debra Ann Willis Cashmore-

21 December 2010

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