May 1, 2011

My mom's locket {Simple Things Sunday}

Every once in a while, I think to polish my locket. My mom got it in England while visiting our family when she was 16, and she gave it to me when I turned 16. The Saint Christopher came with it. I've since added a Special Daughter charm and Big Sister charm, from my family. I wear my locket every day and it keeps me close to my family. I love it.



Anonymous said...

Family is so important and this photo shows that wonderfully.

englandmom14 said...

what a pretty picture! i love my locket. i was 16 by the way. not quite 17 so we were both 16. and it wasn't for my birthday. it was a just because gift from Uncle Harry when we went to England. But the tribute and sentiment were sweet anyway, lol. i was just talking to b about it yesterday and saying how i loved it that you wore it always. you make me happy! i love you! mama

Conni said...

I noticed 2 neclace pictures too, great minds think alike!!

Maybe one day there will be a story behind my daughters too, hopfull she can pass it down to her daughter

lime said...

Lovely. Love the words you've added.