January 29, 2012

Finally back!

So we've been on vacation, and working like crazy before that, and I'm finally back to posting! We were at our favorite place this week- Disneyland! Sadly, my DSLR died our first night there, before we'd even gone into the parks, so I used my husband's point-and-shoot all week. I think I still got some great photos, though!

I love to just sit and breathe for a few minutes here and there at Disneyland, and just soak in the magic. We ate lunch one day at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and this delightful band was playing. I love how Disney incorporates live entertainment! These guys (and girl) were the Ellis Island Boys. Their music was wonderful. They had just finished playing "All That Jazz" when I asked for a quick picture. I loved just sitting there in the sun, eating a delicious meal (sun-dried tomato pasta) and listening to wonderful music with my best friend and husband. It was definitely a beautiful, simple moment.


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Lisa said...

Great photo, and I love your description of the moment, of sitting back to enjoy your surroundings.

Betsy said...

I think it came out great sissy! Love you! See you in 23 days!


rebecca said...

such a cute picture! love their poses! :) thanks for sharing Alisha! glad to have you back.