October 14, 2012

Hogle Zoo in Fall

After seeing the new Rocky Shores exhibit at the Hogle Zoo this summer with my little sister, I wanted to take my husband to see it. But we waited until the weather cooled down enough so that our zoo trip wouldn't leave us a couple of hot messes, like it did my sister and I in July! We went yesterday and it was a great day for it- cool and overcast, with bright fall colors providing the perfect backdrop. And, bonus!, there was a 19-day-old baby giraffe waiting to be oohed and aahed over. Giraffes just happen to be my favorite zoo animal.

It was a fantastic day.

Rizzo the polar bear, playing with visitors.

Darling baby Zuri and her mama, having some lunch

Not-yet-named baby girl inside, and some of her kin outside

Sleeping Amur tiger, tongue twitching

Snow leopard making an inventory of delicious-looking zoo visitors

Golden lion tamarin, whose little face gets me every time

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April said...

These pictures say you had a fun trip to the zoo. I love your photos. Hogle zoo is a gem that my kids loved.

Meagan said...

That baby giraffe is the sweetest! What pretty soft light you found! Great shots.

Betsy said...

What perfect pictures! Looks like you had fun!